Twin cooker

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    Sharp 1.8L (0.9L x 2) Twin Cooker - KNW509SL

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    Sharp 1.8L (0.9L x 2) Twin Cooker – KNW509SL

    FEATURES : –

    • Independent control of each pot. ¬†Allows to cook in one of the bowls separately or at the same time different dishes.
    • Save time & energy.
    • Variety of cooking with 4 dishes.
    • 12 auto menus available.
    • Removable inner lid, steam valve.
    • Non stick coated inner pot.
    • Manual program with time and temperature adjustment.
    • Keep warm function.
    • Timer- for cooking with time delay.
    • Removable inner lid for easy cleaning.
    Specifications (-)
    Rated Voltage 220V – 240V; 50 – 60Hz
    Rated Power 450W x 2= 900W
    Rated Capacity 1.8L (0.9L x 2)
    Rated Steam Pressure
    Pressure retaining time
    Cooking Function
    Unit Dimension (WxHxD) mm 404 x 300 x 205
    Weight (kg) 8
    Inner Lid Material Stainless Steel 304
    UI Touch IMD
    Accessories 1 pc non-stick inner pot, 1 pc stainless steel pot, soup ladle, rice spoon