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    Smeg Oven 60cm Galileo Combi Steam Oven, Line - SO6102S3PG

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    Smeg Oven 60cm Galileo Combi Steam Oven, Line – SO6102S3PG


    Electronic control: Allows you to maintain temperature inside the oven with the precision 2-3 ° C. This enables to cook meals that are very sensitive to temperature changes, such as cakes, souffles, puddings. All glass inner door: All glass inner door, a single flat surface which is simple to keep clean. Triple glazed doors: Number of glazed doors. Manual water loading system: It is possible to load the tank in less than 40 seconds.
The loading is done manually thanks to a special funnel included. Ever Clean Enamel: Ever Clean enamel is applied electrostatically, corner to corner and edge to edge to prevent cracking or cracks over time.
It is a particular pyrolytic enamel, resistant to acids which, in addition to being pleasantly bright, promotes greater cleaning of the oven walls, thanks to its lower porosity.
It is baked at over 850 ° C and slowly polymerized at a scientifically determined rate to ensure uniform depth and strength
Ever Clean enamel creates an impeccable finish both on the inside of the oven and on the trays, making the surfaces of the oven incredibly easy to maintain over time as it reduces the adhesion of fat during cooking Soft close: all models are equipped with advanced function of smooth closing of the door, which allows the device to close smoothly and quietly. The oven cavity has 5 different cooking levels. The inner door glass: can be removed with a few quick movements for cleaning. The new EVOscreen display is enhanced with new, optimised colour graphics: 5 touch buttons control functions and parameters in an extremely simple way. Side lights: Two opposing side lights increase visibility inside the oven. Air cooling system: to ensure a safe surface temperatures.
    Display name:EvoScreen
    Display technology:LCD
    Temperature control:Electronic
    Minimum Temperature:30 °C
    Maximum temperature:250 °C
    Cavity material:Ever clean Enamel
    No. of shelves:5
    Shelves type:Metal racks
    N. of fans:1
    No. of lights:2
    User-replaceable light:Yes
    Light type:Halogen
    Light Power:40 W
    Light when door is opened:Yes
    Door opening type:Standard opening
    Door:Temperate door
    Removable door:Yes
    Full glass inner door:Yes
    Removable inner door:Yes
    Total no. of door glasses:3
    Soft Close hinges:Yes
    Soft Open:Yes
    Safety Thermostat:Yes
    Cooling system:Tangential
    Water loading:Drawer, manual
    Tank capacity:0,8 l
    Heating suspended when door is opened:Yes
    Lower heating element power:1200 W
    Grill element – power:1750 W
    Circular heating element – Power:2000 W


    Dimensions of the product (mm):592x597x548
    Net weight (kg):38.700 kg
    Gross weight (kg):42.400 kg
    Packed width:645 mm
    Packaged depth:680 mm
    Height (mm) packed:670 mm
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    Smeg Oven, 45cm, Galileo Combi Steam Oven SO4302S3X

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    Smeg Oven, 45cm, Galileo Combi Steam Oven SO4302S3X

    Combi Steam Oven

    • Compact 45 cm
    • Classica Aesthetic
    • Cushioned door closing system – Soft Close
    • Cushioned door closing and opening system – Soft Close & Soft Open
    • Air frying basket for light and tasty food – AirFry
    • Barbeque cooking directly in the oven with the double side plate – BBQ
    • Baking with refractory stone for soft and crisp pizza and leavened products – Stone
    • Facilitated cavity cleaning due to special pyrolytic enamel – Smalto Ever Clean
    • Timely temperature management and heat uniformity – Electronic control
    • Dimensions of the product (mm):454x597x548
    • Net weight (kg):33.500 kg
    • Gross weight (kg):37.100 kg
    • Packed width:635 mm
    • Packaged depth:680 mm
    • Height (mm) packed:535 mm