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    Toshiba 14 Place Setting, Free Standing Dishwasher DW-14F1BSMY

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    Toshiba 14 Place Setting, Free Standing Dishwasher DW-14F1BSMY

    Hygiene Matters

    A three-stage hygiene combination that washes the dishes at 70°C, and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and germs with the antibacterial filter
    • Dual Wash Zone
    • Anti Bacterial Filter
    • 70°C Hot Water Wash
    Colour :  Silver
    70°C Hot Water Wash

    Forget about stubborn stained and greasy dishes; Toshiba’s 70°C Hot Water Wash feature circulates a high-temperature of 70°C with a high-pressure flow of 11.3 kPa, ensuring that oils decompose faster and stains are wiped off every surface.


    The Anti-Bacterial Technology in Toshiba dishwashers per forms an antimicrobial treatment in the filter to effectively inhibit micro-organism build-up, maintaining a 99.99% bacteria-free, 0-grade mildew proof environment inside your dishwasher at all times.


    Because you don’t always have the time to wait for the dishwasher to be fully loaded before you run it, Toshiba’s Dual Washzone innovation allows you to select specific settings depending on the size of your load. Just choose the upper or lower spray arm and the half-load program, and ensure that the water projection is directed exactly towards the loaded section of the washer.


    It’s all about what you need. The Toshiba Dishwasher’s Sliding Tray feature allows you to move the sliding tray sideways if you need more space, leaving you with more room to conveniently fit tall glasses, store forks and knives and load smaller cups and ladles onto the tray.