DE DIETRICH Downdraft Hood 90cm Absolute Black DHD7961B


DE DIETRICH Downdraft Hood 90cm Absolute Black DHD7961B


This downdraft extractor hood really is one of a kind, and evokes emotions that are rarely seen in relation to extraction units. Designed to create a perfect combination of maximum discretion and suction efficiency while cooking, it integrates elegantly into the countertop alongside the hob, and raises with a simple touch of the finger to play its role to perfection.



Type of hoods: Downdraft hood
Output air extraction (m3/h): 520
Width (cm): 90
Type of control: Electronic
Boost position: Yes
Number of lights: 1
Light position: Center
Type of bulb: Led
Lighting power (W): 5
Number of speed positions: 4
Acoustic power level (recycling) (dBA): 30
Max recycling air extraction (m3/h): 473
Boost position output recirculating (m3/h): 650
Boost position air extraction (m3/h): 715
Minimum evacuation sound level (dBA): 29.9
Max evacuation sound level (dBA): 46.2
Number of filters: 2
No-return airflow clap: Yes
Accessories: Characoal filter
Height of product without chimmey (mm): 736-1036
Dimensions of product HxWxD (mm): 736X860X340
Dimensions of the niche HxWxD (mm): 794X106
Dimensions of the packed product HxWxD (mm): 430X1010X870
Gross weight (kg): 46
Net weight (kg): 37
Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50/60
Current (A): 10
Connection rating (W): 255
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For Extraction and Cooking that are Perfectly in Tune

This hood evokes emotions that are rarely seen in relation to extraction units. Following initial amazement, its innovative design is met with the greatest admiration. Its uniqueness lies in the way it sits directly next to the hob, showing nothing but a plain fl at surface in a subtle, deep black glass.

LED Lighting – The Greatest Respect for the Environment

This lighting method stands out as consuming almost 85% less electricity and lasting 20 times as long as an incandescent bulb. The system both efficiently illuminates all the pans on your hob and provides you with soft mood lighting that is ideal for over dinner.


Delayed Stop Function
This system has been designed to totally eradicate any residual postcooking vapours. The hood continues to function for ten minutes after the last speed is selected, then turns itself off automatically.
Boost Function
When selected, this feature immediately sets the hood to work at maximum extraction speed for even greater efficiency when large amounts of vapour or cooking aromas are present.

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 87 × 101 × 43 cm