Firenzzi Food Warmer 2 Trays FW213


Firenzzi Food Warmer 2 Trays FW213



  • Wattage: 200W
  • Cool touch handles
  • 304#Stainless steel body
  • Heat up in 15 minutes
  • Keeps food warm approximately 8-10 hours
  • Variable temperature control – Mix – Max
  • 2 buffet serving pans with see through lids
  • Serving tray capacity: 2.4L each tray, 4.8L in total
  • Dimension: (L) 471 x (W) 383 x (H) 153mm

Enjoy your hot food anytime start from today.


With 32 years of experience in the consumer electrical industry, Firenzzi always like bringing innovative products that are able to contribute more to your family and bring happiness to every household making life easier and better all the time.

With Firenzzi you can now be more relaxed, watch your favourite movies anytime without any worries, our new Firenzzi Buffet server / food warmer, can provide hot / warm dishes anytime for your family members which lets you have a warm dinner whenever you want.

Firenzzi Buffet Server & Food Warming Tray


If you are busy entertaining your friends during parties, Firenzzi buffet server is perfect for keeping the food warm without having you checking on the food saving costs and time, unlike using the light candles with the old traditional buffet server.

Firenzzi buffet server is made of stainless steels and comes with FW-213 models. You can choose from 2 trays, 3 trays or 4 trays to suit your desire needs and all trays are made of high quality stainless steels.

The cover lids are made of see-through quality plastics so you can view the food whenever the food is ready to serve. It operates at 300 watts and is recommend to keep food warm for only 8 to 10 hours. The clean up is easy as it is made of stainless steels, just remove the pans and plastic lids and place them in the dishwater for a quick wipe.

How does the Firenzzi Food Warmer operate?

The Firenzzi food warmer is user-friendly! Just put all the fried dish into each stainless steel tray and cover with the transparent lid provided. Just switch the temperature control to the maximum and the food warmer will take approximately 15 minutes to heat up the tray.

Once the temperature reaches from 75 to 80 degrees, the heater will turn off automatically. The control knob will operate again once the temperature is below 60 degrees, take note that different types of food requires different temperature.

Please also take note Firenzzi buffet server do not require water or candles, unlike the traditional buffet server. Plug in the Firenzzi buffet server / food warmer and just switch on will do. It operates at 300 watts proving its low energy consumption. Now you can have your hot meals at anytime, any moment.

Who should use the Firenzzi Buffet Server / Food Warmer?


From restaurants, mamak stores, hotel restaurants and as well as home mother’s care, everyone can now enjoy the convenience and ease of having warm meals at your desired time.

“Hi dear, I am on my way back home now, please reheat athe dish for me, thanks.”

Now, you are free to carry on with your leisure time, thanks to Firenzzi Buffet Server / Food Warmer making every meal ready with warm food for our family.

Why Should I Own A Firenzzi Food Warmer?

When it comes to reheating the food, it requires a lot of work as there are only a few ways to reheat the food when i need to provide a warm meal to my family members all the time.

  • Putting into the microwave to re-heat. Most people uses this method, its easy and simple but most family felt uncomfortable due to microwave making it too hot also causing the food to be dry.
  • To refry the food. This method changes the taste of food not to mention rewashing the utensils again.
  • To steam the food by using the wok or steam oven. This will overcook the food and have a different taste.

The above are the “traditional” ways which most families use to reheat the food. Thanks to Firenzzi food warmer, now everybody can have a warm meal anytime where you do not need to re-cook, steam or reheat in the microwave anymore!


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