KEF Home Theater System KEF-E305BK


KEF Home Theater System KEF-E305BK


Enjoy the extreme pleasures of experiencing true hi-fi sound quality from your music and movies with KEF E Series home theatre speaker system.
A perfectly balanced, seamlessly integrated high end 5.1 sub/sat system based on KEF’s new 4.25″ Uni-Q driver array and a superlative matching subwoofer, the new E305 home theatre system outperforms the competition by filling the room with a spacious, exquisitely detailed and compellingly natural soundscape that captures all the magic of the original performance.

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5.1 home theatre system

The E305 system combines Uni-Q driver powered satellites with a carefully matched subwoofer for true hi-fi sound quality.

KEF’s E Series home theatre speaker system brings your music and movies to life thanks to a new 4.25″ Uni-Q driver array in five satellites that seamlessly integrate with the matching subwoofer.

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The E305 home theatre system combines aperfectly balanced 5.1 sub/sat system based on KEF’s new 4.25″ Uni-Qdriver array and a superlative matching subwoofer. It effortlessly creates anexquisitely detailed and compellingly natural soundscape that reveals the magicof the original performance.

New 4.25inchUni-Q driver array

The secret of the E305system’s outstanding sound quality is the latest iteration of KEF’s signatureUni-Q driver array, originally developed for the multiple award-winning QSeries. With its famously wide dispersion and sonic purity this technology is whatgives the system its extraordinarily natural sound quality.

Uni-Q Tweeter

The Uni-Q tweeter isvented to prevent distortion-inducing pressure from building up behind thedome, keeping the response in the critical vocal region clean and transparent.KEF’s ‘Tangerine’ waveguide encourages the sound to radiate evenly, increasingboth the dispersion and sensitivity of the tweeter.

Uni-Q MF/LFdriver

Uni-Q’s rigidaluminium mid/bass cone delivers a smooth, clear response with stunningaccuracy. KEF?s Z-flex surround provides a smooth, uninterrupted surface overwhich the tweeter?s output passes without diffraction. And its underhung magnetsystem reduces distortion by generating a highly symmetrical magnetic field.


TheE301 satellite was designed as a single perfectly balanced system with thecrossover, cabinet and drivers working together in harmony.

The enclosures are heavily reinforced with internal ribbing anddamping. The shape minimises diffraction so nothing subtracts from, nor addsto, the sound from the driver.


KEF’s original ‘egg’ system revolutionised home entertainmentwith its supremely accurate 3D sound from small speakers packed with uniquetechnologies. Redesigned to take advantage of design innovations developed forKEF’s most sophisticated audiophile speakers the all-new E305 system raises thebar even further.


The frequency and phase response of the sub and satellites arecarefully matched to smooth the transition between them, so you can’t hearwhere the satellite stops and the sub starts. With a powerful motor systemdriving a long throw 8-inch cone, bass remains composed and unerringlyaccurate, even at high volume.


Everything about thenew E305 system is designed to make life easier. It’s simple to hook up to anyAV receiver that controls subwoofer output level, and requires no special toolsor skills to set up for optimum performance. Whether it’s on the desk, the wallor floor stands, you’ll have it singing in a flash.


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624 x 415 x 542 (mm)



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