Toshiba 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker RC10JS1NMY


Toshiba 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker RC10JS1NMY


Capacity (Litres) 1.0
Weight (kg) 2.4
Power Source (V~)/Frequency (Hz) AC 220-240V, 50-60Hz

Prepare rice effortless with Japan quality Toshiba rice cooker with congee function. The inner pot has the non-stick coated inner pot and detachable steam valve that facilitate cleaning to the fullest.

Bi-Directional Heating
For uniform heating.
1.7mm Inner Pot
For efficiency heating.
Detachable Cover
For easy cleaning.
Non-Stick Coating
For easy cleaning.
Water Holder
The water holder container helps to keep the water vapor and avoids the water drip on the desk when opening the lid.
Congee Function
Extends the versatility for the convenience of congee cooking.
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