Toshiba 1.8L Induction Rice Cooker RC18ISPMY


Toshiba 1.8L Induction Rice Cooker RC18ISPMY


The TOSHIBA healthy cooker provides you the healthy and tasty rice that helps you feel full and energetic longer without extra snacking, thus brings effortless weight control and healthy daily diet.
  • Sugar-removing Basket
  • Remove Unhealthy Starch By Up To 41%*
  • Japan Bincho Charcoal Inner Pot
  • 3mm 7-layer Inner Pot
Colour :  Black
Sugar-removing Basket

Thanks to the innovative healthy sugar-removing basket, the unhealthy digestive starch is isolated from rice into the water at the precise temperature while still retaining nutrients.

Optimum simmering to increase health benefits

The optimal simmering process provides the precise temperature and time under 300 pa micro-pressure to cook the rice just right. Rice is properly cooked to increase the amount of resistant starch (RS), which is not digestible in our bodies so it is not converted into fat or sugar.

Other Features Matter

Deliver the healthy rice without compromising the taste.

17 Pre-programmed Menu For Versatility

Enjoy the nutrients of rice in a healthier way to balance your daily diet.


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Type :   Binchotan Coating
Display :  White LED
Inner Pot
Type:   Binchotan Coating
Inner Coating :  Binchotan PFA Non-stick Coating
Outer Coating :   Black Painting
Thickness :  Flange 3.0mm
Capacity :  1.8L
3D Heating :  Yes
Panel Type  :  Touch Panel
Display  :  White LED
Program Modes :  17
Accesory :  Stainless Steel Steam Basket
Inner Lid
Material :  Aluminum
Detachable : Yes
Steam Vent Cap :  Detachable Vent