Toshiba 10kg Top Load Washer AWH1100GMSM


Toshiba 10kg Top Load Washer AWH1100GMSM


Toshiba 10kg Top Load Washing Machine TSB-AWH1100GMSM

Circular Air Intake

Circular Air Intake function with all-round circular air inlets allow more air flow into tub for maximum drying efficiency during spin-drying.

Toshiba 10kg Top Load Washing Machine TSB-AWH1100GMSM

Hydro Twin Power

Through a twin water injection system, fast and powerful water flow is generated. This allows hydro-charged water to penetrate deep into the fibers of the fabric to clean out stubborn stains and dirt. With the lower twin water outlets, similar performance can be achieved even if wash load is small.

Toshiba 10kg Top Load Washing Machine TSB-AWH1100GMSM

Hybrid Screw Pulsator

The 12-wing Hybrid Screw Pulsator generates unique and powerful up-draft wash flow by pumping water from the base of the tub to the top to create a strong waterfall effect. Powerful water circulation penetrates detergent water evenly into the fabric at both high and low positions. This high washing performance effectively removes heavy stains.

Toshiba 10kg Top Load Washing Machine TSB-AWH1100GMSM

Zero Standby Power

Conventional washing machines use electricity even on standby mode, when the wash/spin cycle is completed. With Toshiba’s Zero Standby Power technology, no electricity is used during standby mode. This new technology can save you up to 20% of energy.


Net wash capacity (10kg)
Color: Dark Silver

Dimension (mm)
Width: 645
Depth: 620
Height: 1031

Power Supply
Voltage (V): 230 – 240
Frequency (Hz): 50

Input Power (Watt)
Wash: 490
Spin: 530

Water Level (Liters)
Low Level: 21
High Level: 79

Revolution (rpm)
Spin: 700

Condensed Bubble Wash: Yes
Hydro Twin Power Wash: Yes
Pulsator: Powerful Hybrid
Stainless Steel Tub: Crystal Drum
Cassette Lint Filter: Yes

Super Spin Dry: Circular Air Intake

Safety & Functions
Pre-Set Timer: Yes
Resume Function: Yes
Zero Standby Electricity: Yes
Lid Lock and Child Proof: Yes
Auto Tub Dry: Yes

Washing Courses – Standard
Regular: Yes
Speed: Yes
Delicate: Yes
Blanket: Yes
Heavy Wash: Yes

Washing Courses – Special
Tub Clean: Yes
Fragrance Course: Yes

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Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 645 × 620 × 1031 cm