Toshiba 24L Solo Microwave Oven MW2MM24PFBK


Toshiba 24L Solo Microwave Oven MW2MM24PFBK


Microwave Cooking
Microwave cooking with 800W cooking power helps to heat and cook food efficiently and quickly.

Bigger turntable
Enlarged the turntable to 270mm, allowing to fit in up to 10 inches dishes easily without the effort of finding a smaller plate.

Grey painted cavity
The whole cavity is painted in grey, which remains pleasant look after each cooking with oil and residue that stick. You can easily clean them afterward.

Defrost by Time
Defrosting frozen food takes an excruciatingly long time. With microwave oven, it helps on time saving to defrost the food.

Slip-proof Oven feet
Skid-proof rubber feet ensures the microwave stays where it should, but not slipping around.
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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 536 × 436 × 330 cm