Toshiba 582L French 6 Door Inverter Fridge (Black/Glass) GRRF532WEPGY(22)


Toshiba 582L French 6 Door Inverter Fridge (Black/Glass) GRRF532WEPGY(22)


Toshiba French Door Refrigerator is built around your daily needs. It converts spaces to maximize your convenience, from a Fridge & Freezer to a Mega Refrigerator and from all sections ON to a only Mini Fridge or a Freezer.
  • Temp -Humi Control
  • 1+3 Convertible Mode
  • Dual Cooling | 3 Cycle
Colour :  Black Glass
Dual Inverter

Compressor and fan inverter, speed in response to cooling demand. It uses less energy, minimizes noise and make temperature stably.

Plasma+ Pure

PLASMA+ PURE module produces ions and electrons which can make germs losing biological activity, and adsorption odor and fresh cooling air to keep food fresh longer.

2 System 3 Cycle

The independent circulation makes the temperature accurate control and save the energy consumption.

Gradually LED Light

Curved large surface light bright gradually when you open the door, and adjust illuminance comfortably for your eyes. Freezer zone with LED light setting in front of cabinet gives convenience for getting food.

Dual Radar Sensors

Sensor automatically perceive internal temperature differences caused by food temperature, and transfer to inverter then automatically adjust internal temperature, prevent temperature fluctuations.

Humidity Control

Humidity levels can be controlled from high, medium low. Controlling humidity based on different food types can keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. Keep food fresher longer with adjustable humidity control.

  • 2 System 3 Cycle
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– Dual Inverter : Yes
– Plasma Pure : Yes
– Dual Cooling Zone : Yes
– Eco Mode : Yes
– Quick Freezing Mode : Yes
– Flexible Door Pocket : Yes
– Interior Light : Gradually LED Light
– Control System : Electronic
– Tempered Glass Shelf : Yes (up to 100kg)
– Fan Cool No Frost : Yes
– Ice Maker : Moveable Ice Tray
– Touch Panel : Yes
– Low Noise Design : 39 dB
– Power Source (Voltage, Frequency) : 220-240 (V), 50 (Hz)
– Door Type : Tempered Glass
– Cooling Air Flow : Dual Cooling, 3 Cycle, Alloy Cooling Back
– Gross Capacity (L) : 582
– Net Capacity (L) : 500
– Net Weight (Kg) : 136
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)  :  833 x 685 x 1898