Toshiba 9.0kg Top Load Washer Grey AWJ1000FMSG


Toshiba 9.0kg Top Load Washer Grey AWJ1000FMSG


Inspired by Japanese famous painting ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, the innovative technology is named ‘THE GREATWAVES™’. The technology activates the greater performance in cleaning, saving and protecting laundry

No Angular Design
No Angular Design prevent potential risk of physical scratching.

iClean – Deep Self Clean during washing cycle
Using ‘THE GREATWAVES™’ course, The self clean is automatically done each time once you do the laundry. The self clean process will start when water level reaches 2 level . Then tub and pulsator rotates in same time, push the water with considerable pressure to move between inner and outer tubs. I Clean makes your washing machine maintenance a breeze, further care for your fabric and health.

Soft Close Lid
Adopting Soft Close Lid, Lid drops down constant slowly, safe and user friendly.

Easy Kit
Clear & Convenient – Detergent & Softener Box Seperation Design
Reduce Detergent Residues – Siphon cap structure make thorough mixing of water and detergent, Thus reducing detergent residues and enhancing washing performance significantly

3-Type Water Flow
3 waterfalls combined with water flows from 864 water holes. And 4 courses (Regular/Heavy/Wash/Blanket/Soak) engaged with flow combination.

Product Description

  • 9.0 KG
  • The Greatwaves™
  • No Angular Design
  • iClean
  • Soft Close Lid
  • Easy Kit
  • 3-Type Water Flow
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Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 630 × 635 × 1065 cm